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Meet Scoring

Individual & Relay Events

1st place - 5 points

2nd place - 3 points

3rd place - 1 point

No team can sweep an event. In the event 1 st – 3 rd is taken by any team the opposing team who places 4 th – 6 th will receive 1 point and the winning team will receive no more than 8 points.


Swimmers may swim a total of 5 events officially for points in meets with a maximum of 3 individual events and 2 relay events per swimmer.

Final Score of Meet:

The outcome of meet will be determined by the total amount of points earned by each team, boys and girls combined. It is not required that teams keep score or announce score at the end of meet. (This is to be mutually agreed upon by both Head Coaches prior to the beginning of the meet). Announcement of scores will be at the discretion of both head coaches

Age Groups:

Individual Events

Relay Events

8 & Under




15-19 (Open)

8 & Under



13-19 (Open)

Any swimmer can swim their age group or any age group above and can be moved among those age groups during the meet but no swimmer is allowed to swim an age group below their age. For example an 8 year old swimmer can swim in an 8 & Under event and a 9-10 event and then in an 8 & Under in the same meet.


Co-ed relays will count toward the majority sex of the relay. If the relay is split evenly it will count toward the boys relay at Championships. At dual meets it will be mutually agreed upon by both team’s Head Coaches.

Age Group Age-Up Date:

Age group for Swimmer will be determined by the age cut-off date of July 1st of each season. All swimmers will swim the age they are on July 1 st for the whole season. Swimmers may participate ages 19 and under. 19 year old swimmers can only be the current year High School graduates. College Swimmers are not able to participate.

Disqualifications (DQ’s):

10 & under Swimmers will only be “disqualified” if they are at an advantage by doing a stroke incorrectly and it directly effects the outcome of the race. (For Example: freestyle kick during butterfly or Breaststroke) 10 & Under Swimmers will not get a DQ next to their name in the results they will only be placed in a non scoring place in the event. For example they will be placed 4-6th place in a duel meet with a 6 lane pool. (This is to be mutually agreed upon by both Head Coaches prior to the beginning of the meet).

11 & Up swimmer will get a DQ only when a stroke and turn official is used and they have not followed the rules for the event they are swimming. All 11 & Up swimmers who are disqualified will only get a DQ after both head coaches confirm the disqualification. (This is to be mutually agreed upon by both Head Coaches prior to the beginning of the meet).

Any recognized turn for IM is acceptable for 100 IM events such as NCAA, YMCA or PIAA. * Please note 2004 – 2005 change in High School PIAA rule that no longer allows a flip-turn from backstroke to breaststroke.

Additional Heats:

Additional heats may be swum at the discretion of the home team. Visiting teams must contact home team at least 1 day before to request the extra heats. The 1 st heat will be the only heat that is to be scored.

Meet Workers:

Each team is to bring their own stopwatches to all meets and provide 6 timers. Visiting team needs to provide 6 timers, 2 score table workers, 1 place judge and 2 officials. (Teams are not required to use Officials or Place Judges. (This is to be mutually agreed upon by both Head Coaches prior to the beginning of the meet).

Meet Postponement or Re-scheduling:

In the event of inclement weather any re-scheduling of the meet will be determined by both coaches no later than 3:00pm for pm meets and 7:00am for am meets the day of the meet in order for the visiting team to notify their team in a timely manor.



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